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Some subscription services charge as much
as $36 annually per classmate!

As you probably already know some existing subscription based services want to charge each and every classmate as much as $36 a year to use their underlying services. Services that, quite frankly, don't even come close to matching the features and personalization capabilities of our classmate portal.

Sure, a lot of people register their names on those pay per classmate subscription based sites but unless you and many of your classmates each pay the annual fee and continue to pay that annual fee there's really not much value any of you get from these services. With our service you pay a one time setup fee and a yearly hosting fee which covers your entire class regardless of the size of your class.

Let's do a price comparison........

Pay per classmate subscription service X
Pay per classmate subscription service X

Classmate Portal from
Classmate Portal from

$100 off for a limited time

We take a unique approach with our class reunion web sites by empowering each graduating class with the infrastructure and simple to use tools to help them create their own unique, personal & customized experience. We've designed many dynamic and interactive features into our portal to keep classmates coming back time and time again. You and your classmates will feel a true sense of belonging and ownership as you work together to build up and personalize the content of your very own class web site with personal memorabilia from the past & present.

Talk to who you want, when you
want and often as you want......

Unlike other services, we will never get in the way of your communications with other classmates. In fact our portal actually encourages communication. You are free to directly contact who you want, when you want and as often as you want.


your entire class on their own
website at a fraction of the cost!

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