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It's a snap to get started...
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Getting started
If your class reunion committee doesn't have a reunion budget you might want to consider organizing a group of your classmates to share the setup and yearly hosting costs with.

Ordering the package
Step 1.
Select your own class website address (URL) through our order panel. We recommend you pick a name that includes your high school's name and graduation year. You may choose a .com, .net or .org address

* portals are designed and configured to support only one graduation class per portal. Because of design and storage considerations we will not support sites attempting to host multiple classes.

Step 2.
Choose either a 1 or 2 year (discounted) hosting package. This is a recurring yearly fee which covers the cost of hosting your class web site.

Upon successful processing of your order we will register your class web site address and install our class portal software.

*Your site will typically be available within 24 to 48 hours after we register your domain name. This is the time it typically takes for your URL to propagate across the world wide web.

Step 3.
Once your site comes online you can begin customizing & populating with your class content. You and your classmates will immediately be able to use all the site features. Have some fun...make the personalization and adding of content to your class reunion site a joint project with your fellow classmates.

Sample class portal

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